International Education Center of Institute of Extended Education and Pre-University Training

Preparatory School for International Students (PSIS)

Training of International Students
In 2014 twelve international students completed the full course of studies at the university. Twenty-seven students from fourteen countries were admitted to study in the first year. Altogether 94 foreign nationals are being trained at the faculties of the university (90 undergraduates and 4 postgraduate students) from 32 countries (Algeria, Angola, Belarus, Burkina Faso, Vietnam, Georgia, Ecuador, Kazakhstan, Canada, China, the Congo, Korea, Latvia, Moldova, Germany, Russia, Serbia, the US, Turkmenistan and others). During the academic year 2015/16 they were offered 38 BA and 71 MA courses delivered in English by the teachers from 11 faculties as well as the Department of General and Special Pedagogics.

Enrollment of international students is carried out in compliance with the Admission Regulations for international students who are foreign nationals or individuals with no citizenship valid for Ivan Franko National University . Admission requires the filling of an online application form on the website of the Center of International Education acting at the Institute of Further Educations and Pre-University Training of Lviv Ivan Franko National University. The center comprises the Organization of Teaching Department, the Department of Pre-University Training for International Students and the Testing Unit for the Ukrainian Language. Teaching takes place at a separate specially equipped building with all the necessary facilities, including specialized classrooms, computers hall, a library, a conference hall and offices for the staff. The building of the Center of International Education is situated close to Hostel No 5 offering residence to international students. It is a good place for studying as well as spending time on leisure and extracurricular activities.

A number of international students at the university had been trained at the Pre-University Training Unit at this center before they were admitted to studies. The syllabi of the Pre-University Training Unit for International students can be looked up at and the information concerning some of the courses at

Upon completion the course of training the Pre-University Preparation unit for international students the trainees are conferred a certificate. Current information about the work of the Center is available on Facebook.

The information on study trips, probation periods and international students mobility international students can also get from the Department of International Cooperation, and updates concerning the current programs are readily available on Facebook.

In case of need International students can apply to the medical station located at the main building of the university in room 067 (entrance from the patio). There you can get a consultation concerning your state of health as well as the necessary first aid. You can talk to the doctor by phone: 032 239-42-26. Students are also consulted at the City Hospital No 10 located at 14 Boy-Zhelenskyi St., telephone 032 238 60 44. Detailed information about your medical insurance is obtainable from the Dean’s Office of the Center of International Education.